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So yeah, awhile ago I posted that my manager wanted me to be a Department Supervisor. I applied and was interviewed for a DH position. Then last week a couple of the managers told me (just hit 6 months there) I got it, but I had to stay quiet while they let the other (year+) employees who applied down gently. But yesterday all supervisors had their monthly meeting and that’s where they told the other departments who the new Avatar DH’s are. We needed one for Hardware, Paint, and Electrical. I really didn’t want Hardware because it’s high theft and there are too many items. I wanted Paint because it is smaller and I felt it would be quick to learn, and i’m a first time supervisor, but quite a few applied so I figured I wouldn’t get it. And I thought I would get Electrical because no one really wanted it, it’s Garden’s sister department and I knew where almost everything was, but it seemed boring to me. Alas, I got paint so that’s cool. I start next week in that department. I will miss Garden though! All my fellow seedlings associates, the plants, and the birds. I was really looking forward to October in that dept. because it’s technically Garden/Seasonal and they get all the Halloween decorations, but I’m a couple departments over so at least I can enjoy the view. I kind of feel like this is Game of Thrones and i’m a Tyrell being told to leave Highgarden to go to Sunspear and marry a Martell to rule the city. That’s cool and all but Highgarden is my home. Maybe one day i’ll return, but for now i’m still pretty excited.

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Point Defiance, WA (Jan. 19, 2014)

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